Ain't she cute? Hard to believe she is dead.

Welcome to Maxine: Slightly Irregular. Max was born on April 3, 1999 and died on January 23, 2000. You can do the math. My wife and I have put this site together for people to learn a little bit about a kid who was a little less than perfect, about what real love is, and also to try and explain what real pain is. We think we can do all right on the first one, and maybe passable on the second; but I doubt if we can teach you about even a small fraction of the last. It is probably better that way. No one should have to feel what we do. Not for one minute. Not for a lifetime.

This site may offend some. There will be some inconsiderate words and some harsh images. We are not out to sugarcoat anything. We'd like you to understand that Maxine was very much a wanted child even though we were unprepared for all that occurred during our brief time together. We were very fortunate to have both the support and resources to get a handle on many of her problems. Not every family has that advantage. And despite at times feeling nothing but contempt and loathing for all the problems that Maxine was born with, we have never, nor will ever again, feel a greater love than that which we have for our daughter. We miss you, Pooter.

The links to the left are in chronological order from top to bottom. The Addenda link will show you some sites that may be of interest to you should you wish to continue learning more about Trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome.