Two and a half months we spent in Children's. Seemed like an eternity at the time. I have no idea how those parents who spend six months or a year do it. Especially the out of towners. We could at least sleep in our own bed every once in a while.

Coming home was difficult at first. Even though we were Max's basic daily caregivers in the hospital, there was always someone to back us up there. But at home it was just the two of us. And after Gita went back to work, just me. The first couple of days were very tense. Every time she coughed we had a thermometer in her. But slowly we adjusted and before too long, we settled into a rather comfortable little 'menage a trois'.

We had decided that I would become a stay at home dad before Max was born. While I enjoyed my job immensely, I just did not make enough money to justify remaining there. Then when she popped out with Down Syndrome, it became even more evident that I would be needed at home. (Secretly, this is something that I had fantasized about for years. Ever since I watched my friend Bruce raise his two boys.) Max would have at least two doctor visits a month and be seen twice a week by the early intervention team from MARC (The Arc of Montgomery County). Add to this mix the five or so medications she took every day and the frequent eruptions of Mount Vesuvius, and the idea of daycare is pretty much out the door. Like we could have found someone, anyway.

Let us recap. One daughter. Three surgeries. Two and half months in the hospital. A boatload of doctors. A tube up her nose to put food in and a bag on her belly to take it back out again. Wow. I was the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

I cannot begin to describe the joy I felt. I was so in love. We would go shopping together, NG tube whipping in the breeze. We'd go for long walks and she'd be all scrunched up in the jogger 'cause she was so little. We'd play with her silkie (an old pair of my silk boxers). We'd practice rolling. And we would try and use a bottle and end up just making a mess. This was Nirvana.