To know Max, you really need to know us. This is from several years and pounds ago. Way before Max.

My name is Bobby Sapovits and my wife is Gita Estersohn. We met about a dozen years ago through a friend of mine. He called me the day after he met her and said he had found my long lost sister. We spoke on the phone a couple of times and the rest (as they say) is history.

When we met, I was managing a bicycle shop in Philadelphia and Gita worked in the reinsurance trade. (Please don't ask me to explain what that is.) We moved in together after dating for two years. We bought a house in the suburbs. We got married the following year. We were both in our mid thirties.

Children were discussed but we had no compelling reason to go at tooth and nail. We had actually had a long discussion just before we found out about Max and had agreed that we would have just as good a life without a kid as with. So while we watched the phases of the moon, we did not seek medical help in attempting to get pregnant. It wasn't long after that the rabbit died. Or in the more modern venacular; the line turned blue.

Our relationship was (and still is) one that is built on friendship. As friends, we know how to talk to one another, how to listen to one another, and how to give each other the space that we need to be ourselves. We love each other very deeply, but not cloyingly. After living with Gita, I now know what 'soulmate' truly means. I feel truly blessed that we had found each other.