Motobecane Catalog 1985
Front cover. "a world of technology for a world on wheels"
Mirage bicycle.
One look and there is obviously something new about the 1985 deluxe MIRAGE. In profile, the INEXTERNAL TM BRAZE frame has a dramatic oval shaped fast-back seat stay designed fo maximum rigidity, but still has the elegance and grace associated with MOTOBECANE.
Nomade bicycle.
The 1985 NOMADE, the ultimate recreational bicycle, value packed, affordable and European in every sense.
Le Velo bicycle.
The LE VELO isn't just another economy priced bicycle built for appearance without substance, it's a proud member of the MOTOBECANE family of quality bicycles. A combination of European craftmanship and 50 years of engineering "know how" guarantees unexcelled performance.
Grand Record bicycle.
There's an athletic tautness about its uniquely painted two-tone all COLUMBUS SL tubing frame and fork crafted by Europe's finest artisans. Nothing has been left to chance with its incredible array of components featuring: Full CAMPAGNOLO TRIOMPHE series from seat post to derailleur, WOLBER ARC EN CIEL rims and lightning fast WOLBER tubular tires.
Bicycle specifications.
Because of the exceptional quality of Motobecane bicycles. only a top professional dealer is authorized to represent Motobecane. Bicycles are his business. He has the expertise to guide you in every phase of cycling. You will experience the difference. when you rely on your Professional Motobecane Dealer.
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