My 1975 Dawes Galaxy

(aka my first real bike)

bobequus home Purchased in the summer of 1975 with wages from my summer job; this is the bike that really got me started as a cyclist.  I did my first century on her, my first tour, and by the time I finally got a new bike to replace her, she must have had over 20,000 miles of road time.  I had done a lot of research prior to the purchase and was sold mainly on the Reynolds 531 frame.  I later came to learn that Dawes did a pretty poor job in building it, though.  Still, I cannot complain.  The ride was just right and I loved her.  I took her to college with me where she became a dependable commuter and I learned a lot of my mechanical skills from this bike.  After five years, the only original parts left other than the frame were the brakes.  The reach was so long, nothing else would fit other than the Weinmanns.  Simplex derailleurs, a steel cottered no-name crank, and Shimano hubs were some of the original equipment.