Wolber Tires / Super Champion Rims brochure circa 1980's
Front and back covers. "Historic Account"
The world's leading maker of tubulars... The firm, founded in 1898, has specialized since the beginning in the manufacture of tyres and inner tubes for bicycles, racing tubulars, and, more recently, tyres for mopeds. Originally a one-man business, then a family firm, Wolber is now a public company with 900 employees at its 30,000-square-metre works at Soissons. It produces about one and a half million tubulars a year.
Tubulars. Criterium, Record 18 Piste, Record Route, Performance, Competition, Piste, etc. Tyres. Invulnerable, Tandem, Rallye, Randonneur, etc. Cross BMX and Moped.
Tubeless Tubulars. Junior Tubeless, Liberty. Cement. Tubular Rims: Mixte (dual tubular/wired bead rim), Performance, Record Du Monde, Arc En Ciel, Tourmalet, Record, Prestige, Speciale Competition. Rims for high pressure: Model 58 and Gentleman 81.
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