True Temper Bicycle Tubing Catalog circa 1987
True Temper Bicycle Tubing catalog circa 1987. Front and back cover. "EMHART" (Parent company?)
Page 2: TrueTemper® Brings The Science of Cycle Manufacturing An Art.
As the building of a custom bicycle is a painstaking process, so is the development of quality bicycle tubing. The finished product is a unique collaboration of time, sweat, mistakes and triumphs. That's why True Temper understands the fine art of craftsmanship. Because from the manufacture of some of the first "step-tapered" steel golf shafts in the 1920s to today's highly-advanced butted bicycle tubing, we have always treated product development as an art as well as a science. It is this demanding quality, born in America, that has helped forge the success of United States cycling in recent years. As official bicycle tubing supplier and sponsor of the men's 7-Eleven Cycling Team, True Temper is proud to play a part in the evolution of world-class American cyclists. With the Custom Performance™ bicycle tubing line, including both chrome molybdenum steel and several alloys of solution heat treated aluminum, True Temper now brings you a new degree of advanced tubing technology.
Page 3: RCX Tubing specifications
This special thin wall butted set is designed for extremely lightweight racing frames. A result of the never-ending quest to reduce weight, it is recommended for riders between 100-175 lbs.
Page 4: RC Tubing specifications.
Extraordinarily stiff, yet lightweight, this tubing set can contribute markedly to the resiliency and responsiveness of any racer's frame. Currently used by the 7-Eleven Cycling Team, it is recommended for riders between 115-190 lbs.
Page 5: RCR Tubing specifications.
Specifically designed for heavy duty racing or touring, this tubing set combines high-strength, lightweight and stiffness characteristics which make it ideal for multi-purpose use. A stiffer tube set, it is recommended for riders between 140-220 lbs.
Page 6: ATX and AT Tubing specifications.
This is a lighter weight version of the AT frame set featuring a triple-butted down tube, and suited for a full range of off-road conditions including rugged sport biking applications.
Page 7: Fork Blades and Distributor info (Henry James).
The prime determining factor in how a bicycle will handle, the fork must be manufactured for precision and durability. That's why True Temper fork blades are crafted with the same quality workmanship as our Custom Performance™ tubing line.
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