Tange Tubing and Fork Catalog 1997
Front and back covers.
"A new logo for a new Tange... At Tange, we know and love the bicycle. We have been producing bicycle frame tubing and fork assemblies for over 70 years. The sport of cycling and the bicycle itself are undergoing rapid change. Along with dramatic advances in cycling technology, the bicycle is being used by more people for sport and recreation. Furthermore, the bicycle is being gradually but surely recognized for the contribution it can make to solving the problems of pollution and congestion in our cities. The growing dynamism in the bicycle industry is opening new doors for Tange. We have expanded our business philosophy We are going in a new direction, taking a more dynamic, intensive, and multi-faceted approach to bicycle design and cycling performance. This new forward-looking spirit of Tange is reflected in our new corporate logo, a symbol of our commitment to the future of the bicycle."
"While the world around us seems to be changing with increasing speed, there is one thing that remains constant—the dream held in the heart. Our dream at Tange is to apply technology in a way that can help us to make better performing bicycles. We are on a continuous quest to develop new and better forks, frame tubing, and materials that can make the bicycle more enjoyable to ride and to own. Our dream is to help make bicycles that can truly enrich our lives and the society we live in. Our new company slogan, "Creating a New Tradition," embodies our enthusiasm for the bicycle and our faith in the dream. It states our philosophy that, while the past is important, it is the future which holds the key We hope to create that future with a new tradition of excellence from Tange."

"The Prestige Ultimate Series... The culmination of 70 years of experience in frame tubes.

the heart of the bicycle is the frame, the heart of the frame is the tubing. The latest in tube drawing techniques and advanced Tange heat treating processes make the Prestige Ultimate series the lightest, strongest, best performing frame tubes we have ever made. These are thoroughbred tube sets for the connoisseur of the high-performance mountain and road bike. Our new Ultimate Superlight MTB tubes deliver the best balance of weight versus strength you can get in a mountain bike tubeset. Advanced Tange tube drawing and precision heat treating processes allow the use of extremely thin wall sections without a corresponding reduction in strength. Ultimate Ultralight delivers lightweight with enhancad joint strength. The longitudinal cross section provides a significantly greater difference in wall thickness between the butted and non-butted walls compared to conventional butted tubing. The result is a stronger frame joint, and a stronger bicycle, from and extremely lightweight tube. The Ultimate Ultrastrong tube puts the emphasis on strength. Reinforcing ribs running the length of the top and down tubes impart greater strength, with little sacrifice in weight, to the two most heavily stressed tubes in the frame."

"New Tange Shockblades... An affordable high-performance suspension fork from the future. The next generation in suspension fork technology from Tange.

Shockblades offer a dramatically improved ride and enhanced control to the mountain bike. Utilizing the best materials and known Tange quality, Shockblades deliver exceptional shock absorbing performance at a price that won't stress your budget. Hard anodized alloy fork legs, short and beefy brace, and triple-clamp crown* are mated to a replaceable chrome-moly stem. Maintenance-free micro-cellular urethane elastomers provide years of trouble-free service without aging or fatigue."

"The Tange Decal. The Proof of Pedigree.
Look for the Tange decal on the frame. It's your guarantee
of quality and performance."
ULTIMATE FRAME TUBING SET. Specifications and dimensions.
Mountain Bike FRAME TUBING SET. Specifications and dimensions.
Road Racing FRAME TUBING SET. Specifications and dimensions.
FRAME ORDER SYSTEM. Cross-section drawings of various tube designs: double butted, triple butted, quad butted, 'bulge' butted (external), et al.
FRAME ORDER SYSTEM. Prestige Ultimate (Ultrastrong and Ultralight) specifications and dimensions.
FRAME ORDER SYSTEM. Prestige Ultimate (O.S. MTB and Concept) specifications and dimensions.
FRAME ORDER SYSTEM. Tange Seamless Cr-Mo MTB and Tange Cr-Mo MTB specifications and dimensions.
FRAME ORDER SYSTEM. Prestige O.S., Ultimate Superlight, and Prestige specifications and dimensions.
"The result of the quest for the perfectly balanced tube...Tange Prestige. A lightweight tube with outstanding strength and resiliency. The Tange Prestige was developed as a result of the pursuit of the ideal lightweight frame tube, and in which great emphasis is upon an overall balance. Using Cr-Mo steel, widely recognized as the optimum material for a bicycle frame, the Prestige clearly possesses every required frame attribute demanded by racers, and has an overall balance which reaches the highest dimensions, plus processing technology which makes this the very finest tube —one which is virtually without comparison."
FRAME ORDER SYSTEM. Tange Seamless Cr-Mo, Infinity, and Infinity MTB specifications and dimensions.
FRAME TUBE CUT WORK ILLUSTRATION. Brazing Cr-Mo Materials. (Instructions for brazing Tange tubing including Prestige.) SEAT STAY AND CHAIN STAY WORK. (Shows various end configurations available for stays.)
Mountain Bike FRONT FORK ORDER SYSTEM. (Explains various measurements for having forks manufactured to spec.)
Mountain Bike FRONT FORK. (Shockblades and Struts suspension forks. Struts rigid fork.)
Mountain Bike FRONT FORK. (Superlight, Ultralight, Super Big Fork, Switchblades, and Durango off road forks.)
Mountain Bike FRONT FORK. (Cr-Mo ATB forks including Stylus.)
FRONT FORK ORDER SYSTEM. (Explains various measurements for having forks manufactured to spec.) CR-MO FRONT FORK COMPONENTS. (310 Prestige and Silhouette road forks.)
FRONT FORK COMPONENTS. (Hi-Tension road forks). FRAME FITTING. (Frame diagram showing location of braze ons.)
B.B. SHELL PARTS. SEAT & CHAIN STAY PARTS. Contents of catalog.
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