Tange Tubing and Fork Brochure 1980's
Tange Tubing and Fork Brochure. Tange Frame Component System. Photos of forks: Switchblades (MTB; licensed from Bontrager), Hybrid/Cross/Touring Fork (Model 190), Fusion II (aluminum road fork), and Road Fork (Model 188).
Tange has developed a new mountain bike fork system that provides more control, safety, and performance to the off-road racer and mountain bike enthusiast Specify the new active suspension Shockblades, Struts, or Ulfralight Forks as replacements or original equipment You can always be sure of Tange quality, durability and performance.
Shockblades (suspension fork), Struts (designed by Fat City Cycles), and Ultralight Fork.
Tubing overview with pictures of frame decals. MTB tubing: Prestige Oversize, Prestige Concept, Prestige, Tange MTB Oversize, Tange MTB, Infinity MTB. Road tubing: Prestige Oversize, Prestige Super Lite, Prestige, Tange Double Butted, Tange Single Butted, Tange Plain, Infinity.
THE ULTIMATE IN PRESTIGE TUBING. Tange Ultimate Ultralight and Tange Ultimate Ultrastrong.
The frame design determines the performance of the bicycle. And the tubing determines the performance of the frame. Sixty years of accumulated expertise in the development of bicycle tubing stands behind each Tange frame tube system. Tange now offers many new and advanced frame tube systems that are setting new standards for the cycling world. When you ride Tange, you're riding a frame with a pedigree.
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