Suntour Superbe Track and Road Parts Binder 1977
Front Cover.
Back Cover.
Cover Page.
Table of Contents. Road/Track components. (Most of the road component pages are missing.)
Road Group Tab.

RH-1000 Racing hubs. Front and rear. Low (small) flange.

Racing Pedal (RP-1000, right). Brake lever (CB-1000) Caliper brake set.
Chain Wheel and Bottom Bracket for track. CW-3000 and BB-300. Track Group tab.
Racing Hubs, large (high) flange. RH-3000 (Hub set).
Racing Hubs, small (low) flange. RH-4000 (Hub set).
Headset. HS-300. Racing sprockets. HC-100 (steel). HC-500 (Ultra Super Duraluming [sic]).
Fork Ends (dropouts, track style) EP-130, EP-140
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