Suntour Components Catalog 1992 (courtesy of Kim Hetzel)
Suntour Components Catalog 1992 front and back cover. "We make bicycle components as though we're coming along for the ride."
"Lighter, Stronger, Smoother, Safer" Introduction. Photos of mountain bike riders Lisa Muhich, Wink Zimick, and Ned Overend. Photos of 1991 Tour De France.
Features. Accushift Plus. MD (Micro Drive Design).
"Smallest rings and gears: by reducing the diameter of the chainring bolt circle diameter on the crank arm, SUNTOUR is able to replace the standard 46/ 36/24 (or 48/28/28) with a compact 42/32/20 on the front chainrings. This has also allowed us to reduce the 7 rear gears to a 11-24 tooth range."
New for 1992. Powerflo. Wishbone Shifter. Hybrid Bike Components.
New for 1992. Lite Operation. Command Shifter. SE (Self Energizing) Brakes. Cartridge Bearings. Microlite.
"A component upgrade option for those in who count their grams, Microlite components offer weight savings of almost a halfpound! Where standard front hubs have a steel axle, bottom brackets have steel cups and freehubs have steel bodies, SUNTOUR Microlite replaces these parts with aluminum. The end result, Micro-light!"
Grease Guard. X-Press Shifters. Powering.
"Keeping your bike in tiptop shape has never been easier. The new WTB/SUNTOUR Grease Guard System lets you clean and lube your hub, bottom bracket, headset and pedals in just a matter of seconds. It's simple. As you inject new WTB/SUNTOUR grease into the convenient injection ports, you purge out the used and contaminated grease. In just seconds you've overhauled your bike's most critical parts : the hub, bottom bracket, headset and pedal bearings. There' s no better way to keep your bike performing at its very best."
Suntour XC Pro MD (Microdrive) and XC Pro Groups.
Suntour XC Comp MD (Microdrive) and XC Comp Groups.
Suntour XC LTD Group.
Suntour X-1, FS-E, and XCE Groups.
Suntour XCM, XCT, and XCU Groups.
Suntour Superbe Pro Gruppo.
Suntour SL Gruppo.
Suntour Radius and Edge Gruppos.
Suntour Blaze, VX, and RT Gruppos. Micro Lite Components. Scrambler Rear Derailleur.
Suntour Component System Chart. Accessories and Tools.
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