Suntour Catalog "Through 1988"
Suntour Catalog "Through 1988". Front and back covers. Distibutor addresses and credits.
"The Art of Technology"
Constant improvement and innovation, helped by computer design techniques (CAD) and sophisticated new production methods, has put SunTour into the forefront of today's bicycle component scene. Our reputation for quality and reliability has made SunTour products the number one choice when the time comes to up-rate and improve your lightweight or allterrain bicycle.
Superbe Pro Accushift.
At the top of the range this is the ultimate for the equipment conscious rider. Produced from the finest light alloys, highly polished and anodized, embellished with finely etched decals, this set is a new experience in state-ofthe- art technology. Recent improvements include a choice of power ACCUSHIFT or conventional shift levers, upper and lower derailleur tension springs, a new double crankset with a bolt circle diameter of 130mm, allowing for the use of a 38 tooth inner chainring, brake calipers have low tension return springs concealed in the pivot and adjustable angle brake shoes. With sealed bearings for quiet running, all you'll hear from silky smooth Superbe Pro is the reassuring click as ACCUSHIFT engages - first time, every time.

Sprint 9000 Accushift. SunTour's Sprint components are designed to be fitted to fine competition framesets intended for serious competition or fitness riding.
Cyclone 7000 Accushift. SunTour Cyclone components are the right choice when budgetary limitations require that a fine competition or recreation bicycle frame be equipped with affordable components.

Sprint 9000 and Cyclone 7000 parts descriptions.
Suntour α (Alpha) Accushift. The Alpha series of drive train components from SunTour provides an alternative budget-priced index system for use on sports and sports-touring bikes.
XC 9000 Accushift. Mountain bikes or ATB's, as their name implies, are designed to go just about anywhere and withstand the punishment inflicted on them by rough and muddy terrain. A mountain bike must be light, strong and above all reliable. Its component parts must be specially designed for the job.
XCD 6000 Accushift.
XC 9000 and XCD 6000 component descriptions.
XC SPORT 7000 component descriptions, XCD 4050, α-2000, and α-3040 derailleur and shifter descriptions.
SVX, SEVEN, RT1000, and AT1000 derailleurs, non-indexed shift levers, headsets, and bottom brackets.
Suntour Multiple Freewheel Systems Accushift. Winner Pro, Winner, and Suntour α (Alpha). Suntour Transmission Chains.
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