1979 Suntour Catalog (written in Japanese)

Front and back covers.

Table of contents. Introduction(?) "We make bicycle parts as though we're coming along for the ride."
Special Features.
Special Features (continued).
Suntour Superbe Road Group. Derailleurs, shifters, and hubs descriptions.
Superbe and Superbe Pro descriptions: Brakes, levers, pedals, seat post (pillar), crankset, bottom bracket, dropouts, stem, and headsets.
Suntour Superbe Track Group. Crankset, bottom bracket, sprockets, and hub description
Superbe and Superbe Pro Track descriptions: Pedals, headset, and fork ends.
Cyclone Family. Cyclone and Cyclone GT derailleurs, shifters, and Bar-Con shifters.
Suntour RoadVX Road and Touring Group. RoadVX, RoadVX GT, and RoadVX S derailleurs and shifters.
RoadVX Crankset, bottom bracket, hubs, and pedal descriptions.
New Winner, Ultra-6 Multiple Freewheels and Ultra-6 Chain. 5, 6, and 7 speed freewheels.
BMX Racing Parts. BMX Hole Shot derailleur, lever, and freewheel. EZ Off freewheels, pedals, seat clamp, stem VX Gear crank, and BMX Coaster Brake hub.
BMX (continued). VX JR. Gear Crank, chain rings, hubs, unit hub, double threaded hub, and EZ Off freewheel remover.
Mighty Click System. Mighty Click deraillers and shifters.
Rear Derailleurs. Superbe, Cyclone, RoadVX, VGT, Seven, Honor, Skitter, Volante, Mighty Click and Hole Shot.
Front Derailleurs. Superbe, Cyclone, RoadVX, NSL, Seven, Compe-V, Spirt, Mighty Click 10.
Shift Levers. Superbe, Cyclone, RoadVX, DLW, SLW, PDL-M, PSL-M.
Shift levers (continued). PUB-10, PUB-5, ST-10, ST-5, UB-10, UB-5, BAR-CON, Mighty Shifter II, Tank, SFL, Mighty Click, Luxury, Mighty Click, LP-10, Mighty Click LP-5.
Freewheels. New Winner 7-Speed/6-Speed/5-Speed, Perfect Type Ultra-6, Pro-Compe 6-Speed/5-Speed, Perfect 6-Speed/5-Speed, FT 3-Speed, Hole Shot 2S, Single Freewheels, BMX EZ Off Freewheels, BMX Double Threaded hub, BMX Unithub, Chain Tenensioner (sic).
Racing Sprokets (sic), 3-Speed Hub, Coaster Brake. Superbe Pro sprockets, Lockrings, TH-1000 3-Speed hub, 3-Speed shifters, clamps, Coaster Brake (CB-5000).
Fork Ends. Superbe, GS, GS-II, GT, GTW, SD, SDB, SDC, SDE.
Accessories. Spoke protectors, cable guides, quick release levers, etc.
Outer Casings and Inner Cables.
Small Parts, Special Tools. Freewheel removers, chain whips, cable cutters, jerseys, musettes, shop aprons, clothing, etc.
Comparison Tables. Rear derailleur specifications, capacities, weights, etc.
Comparison Tables. Front derailleur specifications. Shifter specifications.
Comparison Tables. Dropout and fork end dimensions. Chain Lines.
Gear Tables. End cover. Suntour addresses and photos of facilities.
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