Sugino brochures early to mid 1980's
Bicycle Parts Vol. 56. Cover: Guines crankset and bottom bracket. Back cover: Chain wheel specifications, bottom bracket specs and BMX handle stem specs.
"TAKE OFF BY YOURSELF!! and Sugino, of course." Cranksets: Aero Mighty, Sugino AS, Sugino GS, Sugino AT, Sugino GT, et al. BMX cranks: Sugino CT (Chromoly), Sugino AT, Sugino GT, Maxy Cross, et al. BMX Handle Stems: HP-UFO, HP-G3A, HP-G3, and HP-G5.
Bottom brackets and tools. BB-SC, CV-SC, and OPC-SC. Sugino RT and Sugino BT cranksets. (doubles and triples).
Sugino Cranksets NO. 66 and DZF. SP-K (seat post) and BMX series.
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