Shimano Santé Dealer Sales Manual 1987
Shimano Santé Sales Manual, circa 1987. Designed for the dealer to learn how best to sell the Santé group. This is probably the first real attempt from Shimano to make the components the main focus of the bike, rather than the bicycle maker.
"The Santé Design Philosophy. . . A new concept for today's cycling."
"Targeting the Santé Customer. . . Santé appeals to a wide range of cyclists and non-cyclists."
"Introducing the customer to Santé. . . Santé is a new blend of style and performance that enhances the look of the bicycle."
"Introducing the customer to Santé. . . The beauty of Santé is more than just skin deep."
"Introducing the customer to Santé. . . Santé incorporates Shimano's advanced functions that enhance the bicycle-rider interface."
"Santé in detail" RD-5001, RD-5001-LS rear deraillers. SL-5000 shift levers. FD-5000 front deraillers. FC-5000 crankset.
"Santé in detail" FH-5000, HB-5000 freehub and front hub. HP-5000 headset. BR-5000 brakeset. BL-5001, BL-5002 brakes levers (normal and small sizes).
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