Shimano Dura-Ace Brochure 1985 (7400)
Front cover. "New" Dura-Ace. "The Unlimited Challenge/New Dura-Ace lets you aim for the top".
Introduction to SIS (Shimano Index Shifting). "Responsive SIS Shifting: Gear Changing Reduced to the Pure Essentials."
Shimano took a good look at the conventional racing bicycle's gear changing system and saw that there was still much room for improvement. Shimano found that the gear change system is the one group of components whose function most completely depends on a certain skiW developed by the rider. An improved shifting system would take much of the burden of shifting off of the rider and integrate it into the function of the components where it really belongs. If the gear shifting system could provide more precise shifting with less input from the rider, the rider would be able to concentrate more on winning the race. It's worth stressing that the goal of the bicycle racer is simply to win races—not to develop a smooth shifting technique. Gear changing is merely a means to an end. Racers have been forced to become skilled at shifting the conventional system simply because it has been the only gear change system available until now.
Explanation of increased pedal clearance and improved braking. Features of pedal, front chainwheel, head set, brake, brake lever, freehub, and freewheel.
Entire gruppo. RD-7400, FD-7400, FC-7400, BB-7400, SL-7400, HP-7400, PD-7400, BR-7400, BL-7400, FH-7400, HB-7400, HB7400-R, HB-7400-F, and MF-7400.
Back cover. Worldwide addresses.
Parts for racing bicycles are judged primarily by their functional quality, which has a direct bearing on whether one wins or loses the race. The derailleur featuring outstanding gearshifting performance, and the brake offering smoothness and effectiveness as well as efficiency—these New Dura- Ace racing parts have been specially developed for smoother operation, lighter weight, greater durability and easier maintenance. In addition, the vital functions of each part—crucial to the outcome of any race—have been maintained at the same high level. What is so important about gearshifting performance? Why is it necessary that parts be designed with less weight, even by 1 gram? —because each of these factors can be vital to the goal of winning races. Helping true competitors win their races is what great bicycle parts are all about. And since this is our primary goal, we have dedicated our efforts toward producing state-of-the-art racing bicycle components that give racers the functional performance they are looking for. In developing the New Dura-Ace Series bicycle components, the basic mechanisms were thoroughly refined and innovations were added, including Shimano's advanced gearshift-positioning mechanism, the SIS {Shimano Index System).
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