Ritchey Components Catalog 1991-1992
Front and back covers. Photo of Tom Ritchey and Team Ritchey.
For the past 20 years, I've built, ridden, and raced bicycles. Cycling has enhanced the quality of my life with a never-ending influx of fun, thrills, and fitness. That's probably why I enjoy designing and creating new and better performing components for bicycles. I hope that my exciting new line of components can make your bicycling experience a better one.

Mountain bike tires. MegaBite Z-Max, MegaBite HardDrive, MegaBite OverDrive, Force Racing K, Force Duro, Mod Quad, Quad.
Road Tires. Road Force, Tom Slick, Cross-Bite, Pro "WCS" Latex Tubes.
Vantage Rims. Vantage Pro "WCS", Vantage Comp, Vantage Expert, Vantage Sport, Vantage Cross-Sport, Vantage Comp Road.
ProElite Wheels & ProControl.
ProControl is Ritchey's high performance front end control system for mountain bikes. ProControl features eight different race proven components, as used by the Ritchey Race Team and many other pro riders. . .The ProControl system continues Ritchey's tradition of designing the most responsibly engineered lightweight products on the market. In addition to reducing needless weight, strength is actually increased through the use of such trademark Ritchey specialties as Force Directional (FD) technology, proprietary butting and heat treatments, and the use of only the highest quality "spare no expense" materials. ProControl strikes a balance between reduced weight and improved strength, the result of which can greatly improve the performance of a mountain bike. Steering is more accurate and shock absorbing is enhanced.
Clothing & Accessories
Handlebars & Grips. ProLite "WCS", ProLite, ForceLite, Original Force FD, True Grips, True Grips II.
Force Comp Stems. Force Comp (Mountain), Force Directional (Mountain), Force Comp (Road), Force Directional (Road)
Seatposts & Saddles. Force Directional Seatpost (Mountain), Force Directional Seatpost (Road), Logic Saddle, Logic Pro Saddle.
Logic Brakes & Cable Hangers. Logic Cantilevers, Logic Brake Levers, Cliff Hanger Cable Hanger.
Logic Cranksets. Logic Crankset, Logic Tandem Crankset.
Headsets & Bottom Brackets. Logic Comp Headset, Logic Headset, Logic Pro, Logic Pro "WCS", Logic Comp.
Logic Forks. Photo of Thomas Frischknecht.
Have you ever seen a fork bent sideways? Tom Ritchey hasn't. Seeing another opportunity for design improvement, Tom used his proven philosophy of strategic strength-placing and fat trimming to make the Logic Fork. The Logic Fork uses the world's first Force Directional butted steerer — thicker on the front and back, and thinner on the sides. It's stronger than conventional steerers where it needs to be, but overall it's lighter. Then Tom designed big 27mm triple butted fork blades, which make the Logic Fork Track like no other lightweight fork in the world. In fact, the Logic fork carried a Ritchey rider to victory in the 1989 NORBA World Championships. In 1990, half the pro/elite cross-country medals at the World Championships were won with Ritchey Logic Forks. With Logic you get proven performance and proven durability! New for '92 is the "Prestige" Logic Fork.
Tubing and Dropouts. Logic Prestige Pro "WCS", Logic Prestige Comp, Logic Expert, Logic Sport, Logic Cross, Logic Road Prestige.
Frame tubes rarely fail in the middle. They usually fail at the ends near the welded joints. This was the original motivation behind Tom Ritchey's Logic Frame Tubing. Logic tubing is differentially double and triple butted — it thickens at the ends with a shorter and stronger butting. This design lets the tube withstand the concentrated heat of TIG welding and the rigors of front-end abuse. This construction also allows a much longer "thin" area, reducing weight significantly. These Ritchey designed, Tange manufactured tubes allow the building of the lightest chromoly frames in the world (3.8 lbs., 19" size), frames that are also strong enough to carry pro riders to three of the top six pro/elite medals at the 1990 World Championships. This year Ritchey introduces a full range of new Logic tubing, including mountain, road, and hybrid/cross tubesets.
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