Ritchey Bicycles and Accessories Catalog 1986
Front and back covers.
The Ritchey Mountain Bike. 1/Tom Ritchey 2/The Builder 3/The Designer 4/Ritchey Frame Tubing 5/Painting.
The Full Story. 6/Ritchey Tires 7/Twinstrut Handlebars 8/Ritchey Softgrips 9/Who Rides Them 10/Racing Team 11/ T-Shirts & Waterbottles 12/The Ritchey Company 13/ The State of the Art 14/Warranty.
Bicycles Team Comp and Ultra.
Bicycles Timberwolf and Aspen.
Bicycles Timberwolf Comp and Ascent.
Bicycles Commando and Annapurna.
Skyliner Tandem and Ritchey tires: Force Kevlar, Force 1.9, and Quad 1.9.
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