Reynolds "Top Tubes" brochure circa 1973
Front cover. This brochure was a small treatise on the history and manufacturing process of Reynolds 531 double butted tubing.
Do you take your frame for granted?
When bicycle builders the World over specify one particular type of tubing for their finest lightweight cycles, when bicycles made of that same tubing consistently win the World's major cycle races, including the Tour de France, most gruelling cycle race of all, then behind that tubing must lie a story. We have tried in these few pages to sketch the outline of that story; to give an idea of the manufacture of this famous tubing, and so to show why those cyclists who are only satisfied with the very best, insist that their machines are built with REYNOLDS 531 BUTTED FRAME TUBES, FORK BLADES, AND STAYS.
Putting in the hole.
Adding more lightness. More lightness-more strength.
Tapering and bending.
Smooth and effortless. Reynolds 531 transfers explained.
Back Cover. Reynolds 531 transfers, continued.
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