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Reynolds Brochure from early to mid 1980's

The new Reynolds range.
Reynolds 531 SL Speedstream
A completely new oval aerodynamic set
with improved weight characteristics (40% lighter
than the previous set) with increased efficiency
over teardrop profiles. Designed for lugless
construction for the competitor who demands the
very latest in frame tube design and technology.
Designed for track and time trials.
Set weight: 2100 grms (4.6lbs).
Reynolds engineers have worked long and hard in
conjunction with large and small manufacturers alike, in
over 25 countries worldwide, to perfect a range of
performance frame tubes to beat the world both in
performance and good looks.
Reynolds 753 Track
Ultra high tensile tubes with feather
lightness and extreme torsional rigidity and
efficient power transfer for the top amateur and
professional rider designed for pursuit and time
Set weight: 1750grms(3.8lbs).
Reynolds 531 Professional
A new racing set which replaces the
previous Reynolds 531 SL set, it has improved
weight characteristics and up to the minute design
styling in the rear triangle, including new 'stiffer'
chainstays. Designed for road racing and time
Set weight: 1900 grms (4.11lbs).
Reynolds 753 Race
Race proven by world champions and
winners of the Tour de France as the ultimate
racing set for almost all conditions. This set out-
performs any other material presently in com-
mercial use, including Titanium, carbon fibre and
aluminium alloy. Designed for road race, cyclo
cross and sprint.
Set weight: 1800 grms (3.9lbs).
Reynolds 531 Competition
The 'mainstream' Reynolds racing set
for the performance frame. A real racing thorough-
bred tuned to absolute perfection. Many years of
experience in the saddle has led Reynolds
engineers to produce a classic set with improved
stiffness and handling characteristics designed for
road racing, track, cyclo cross and time trial.
Set weight: 2050 grms (4.5lbs).
Reynolds 501 Cromalloy-M
A completely new tube specification
developed by Reynolds in response to the need for
a true performance tube for the sports/general
purpose frame. It's super-light and super-strong,
manufactured from chrome molybdenum with a
high manganese content, DOUBLE BUTTED, and
specially cold worked. Reynolds 501 cromalloy-M
outperforms all competitive tubes in its category
Reynolds 531 Special Tourist
A tube set designed specifically for
lightweight touring, the culmination of over fifty
years experience of working hand in hand with
specialist builders, both large and small. Features
include 'thin' oval touring fork blades, a main
frame triangle with improved weight charac-
teristics and a rear triangle with high performance
stays to take the strain of heavy pannier loads.
Set weight: 2300 grms (5.0lbs).
by a large margin. This new set embodies all the
up-to-the-minute design features of other Reynolds performance tube sets.
Designed for and general purpose.Set weight: 2400 grms (5.25lbs).
Fork Blade Transfers
These transfers signify
genuine Reynolds 753,531 or 501
Cromalloy-M fork blades which are
manufactured in thin oval, wide
oval or round 531 track profiles.
Reynolds 531BMX
A rough, tough set, DOUBLE BUTTED
for strength andlightness with power, performance
and pedigree for competition BMX machines.
An amazingly light, responsive set, 15%
stronger than CrMo tubes—it's mighty light!
Designed for competition BMX.
Set weight: 1900grms(4.11lbs).
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Reynolds 501 BMX
A brand new exciting tube set DOUBLE
BUTTED for strength and lightness, manufactured
from high manganese chrome molybdenum steel
for competitive punch. A full race competition BMX
set to beat the world—its a track buster!
Designed for competition BMX.
Set weight: 2050 grms (4.5lbs).