Medici Gran Turismo Brochures: Circa 1984
Medici Bicycle Company. General brochure describing Medici. Frame Repair. Custom Repainting. Chrome Plating. Special Braze-ons.
"Medici Bicycle Company, manufacturers of the • Gran Tourismo touring bicycle • Pro Strada road racer • Pro Pista track bike offers its services to the cycling community for the purpose of upgrading, restoring and beautifying your favorite bicycle."
Gran Turismo Brochure cover
Gran Turismo page one
photos of bike and various components
Gran Turismo page two
specification of bike, components, and frame
Gran Turismo page three
geometry and paint options
"Go for it!!!-the 1984 MEDICI" Photos of frame construction and frame details.
"In 1978, the MEDICI road racing bicycle made its appearance in the U.S.A. Manufactured in Los
Angeles, the name MEDICI was selected as being illustrative of the dedicated craftsmanship of
the Italian renaissance.
A product of experienced, professionally trained experts, MEDICI is designed and manufactured
along classic Italian racing lines. A production bicycle, it is constructed in optimum angle
and tube length for each of its 18 seat tube sizes between 46.5 and 65 cm. The Pro Minimo was
introduced in 1983.
Handcrafted in the most fully equipped factory of its kind in the world and machine quality
controlled, these bicycles employ all of the most sophisticated current technology in the field."
Specifications for the Medici Pro Strada.
Frame& Fork Columbus double butted SP on frames 59 cm
& larger, SL on 58 cm & smaller
Seat & Chain Stays Spaced to accept narrow spaced 7-speed or
conventional 6-speed freewheel. 5-speed
design available on special order at no additional
Lugs Rexart investment cast
Bottom Bracket Hanger Cinelli investment cast
Fork Crown Haden investment cast
Dropouts Rexart slotted, investment cast
Photos of frames, construction and details. "All Sizes In Stock — Immediate Delivery"
Sizing chart and paint and finishing options.
Medici Pro Pista Track Bicycles. Cover
Photos of bike and details. Also showing Gibby Hatton riding a Medici with another rider on the track. One reliable source says the other rider is Mark Whitehead. Thanks to AW.
"A companion to the nationally famous Pro Strada road racing bicycle, MEDICI's Pro Pista
track bike incorporates many of the design specifications and finishing features of its better known
Built of Columbus PS double butted chrome alloy steel tubing, this racer provides all of the
strength, reliability and design conformity expected in olympic-class equipment."
"Note in the accompanying photographs the "beefy" 16mm seat stays, corner eating 1 " fork
rake & steep angles. Although this standard is especially appropriate for the matched sprint, time
trial, & kilo events a slightly different version is also available in easier geometry & PL tubing for
pursuit use."
Back cover. Gibby Hatton photo showing "Tight configuration for matched sprint competition."
Medici Pro-Minimo Bicycles. Medici's production of small frames. Interesting design, as the frames were lugged and had sloping top tubes. Also of note; the brochure never uses the word "woman".
Photos of engraved stem, seat cluster, and the 'engine room'.
"The Pro-Minimo is a road racing 12 speed professional bicycle designed to accommodate
700C or 27 inch wheels and equipped with clincher or tubular tires.
Care was taken to:
1.) Build in enough stability to quel shimmy and eliminate toe-clip overlap.
2.) Provide responsiveness enough to encourage smooth performance in the criterium turns.
3.) Employ a geometric configuration that is conducive both to competitive speed & long
distance comfort."
End page. Specifications, size chart, and features.
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