Marzocchi StarFork brochure mid 1980's
Marzocchi StarFork front and back covers.
StarFork "Special Fork for Mountain Bikes" description and dimensions. Copy below photos:
When you approach a climb and the rhythm
has to be fluid and steady to get over the
terrain, however rough, StarFork acts exactly
like a rigid fork and keeps its characteristics
to prevent you breaking your rhythm.
Fly downhill. StarFork dampens the impact of holes, rocks and bumps, allowing you to concentrate on brakes and pedals. With StarFork, you'll think you are really flying down hills that before jolted ail the fun out of speed cycling.

You'll discover how important it is to keep up the right rhythm on a mountain-bike. Try StarFork once and you 'll never look back. If you are interested in the right rhythm.

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