Klein Bicycles brochure circa 1985 "Truly Magnificent"
Front and Back covers. From back cover:
Many cyclists have indicated a desire for the quality, ride and handling of a Klein at a price they can afford. Now, we have what they have been waiting for. The production Klein. The strongest and stiffest frame available. Only 3.25 lbs., bare frame weight. Klein technology and frame design result in secure and balanced handling, ride and high power efficiency.
The Performance frameset and bicycle, like every other Klein, provides a quality of performance above and beyond that available from any other source. Expensive frames made elsewhere feel heavy and awkward in comparison. The invention of the Klein frameset (patent pending), provides a revolutionary concept in frame construction and an exciting new riding experience.
MerricKlein, Stage & Team Super, Advantage & Criterium, and Performance.
The Advantage is patterned after the Stage. The geometry, light weight, comfort and power train rigidity make it the best frameset available for fast touring, time trial and general road racing. The exceptional strength and rigidity built into this frameset for the above purposes also make it ideal for heavy duty touring - in fact it is more capable in this respect than heavy steel touring frames. Available in even sizes from 46 to 70 cm.
Frame Specifications.
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