Haden Components Brochure and Catalog: Frame Lugs, Bottom Brackets, etc. circa early 1980's
Haden Components catalog. BMX Mk. 3 frame and fork components. Dropouts, lugs, gussets, fork ends, etc.
Haden Components catalog. Bottom brackets and fittings. Dropouts, extension tang, seat bolt holders, cable guides, etc.
Haden Components catalog. Haden frame lugs. Royal Sovereign, Specialist, and Olympic 2.
Haden Components catalog. Tandem eccentric and fork crowns.
Haden . . . The First Choice For 113 years we have been Britain's leading cycle frame component manufacturer offering a superb range of lugs for every type of bicycle. Our components have proved so successful - combining as they do superb value and excellent quality with fashionable design - that this year we're going even further with a specially selected range of new components for the specialist frame builder. In this, our new Racing Lug catalogue, you will find an excellent choice - plain or intricate lug design, plain or cut out bottom brackets, and investment cast fork crowns to suit standard or Italian oval - No wonder that more and more specialist frame builders throughout the World are demanding Haden components. The value is unbeatable - design, quality and service direct from the manufacturer - and we can promise you even more - new ideas and further new designs next year and every year thereafter - as part of our continuing policy of product development. We are really enthusiastic at the idea that you are thinking of using our lugs and we promise that every attention will be given to your order.
Haden Tandem Series Brochure. Front and back cover with mailing address.
Haden Tandem Series Brochure. Lugs, bottom brackets, fork crowns, and other fittings for tandem 'gents/lady's' and 'double gents'.
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