Gipiemme brochures/catalogs
Gipiemme freewheel brochure. "Ruote libere" Early to mid 1980's showing both steel and alloy freewheels.
Gipiemme freewheel brochure. Inside with complete specifications and exploded views.
Gipiemme pedal brochure. Model "cronospecial". Early to mid 1980's. Interesting platform design had an eccentric axle that allows the user to adjust crank length using the pedal. See text from brochure below.
Gipiemme pedal brochure.

1983 World-wide
Gipiemme Novelty

A Gipiemme patent: new Cronospecial "Multiasse" pedals, fitted up with pivot axle varying from 0 to 5 mm. by means of a micrometric adjusted cam.
Above described "Multiasse" pedal is a sophisticated type of the current Cronospecial pedal as reproduced on back page of present leaflet. It has been planned and carried out
to meet the ever increasing requirements of specialized bicycle-racers. It is a well-known fact that, in the various special fields and because of the various characteristic of athlets (sic), it is now possible to find on the market pedal-cranks with different inter-axles, 165 -167,5 -170-172,5 - 175 being mostly used. With this brand-new Cronospecial "Multiasse" pedal, it is now possible to cover the 165 - 175mm scale with only two sizes of pedal-cranks having a 167,5 and 172,5 interaxle. When rotating central bush, pivot-axle may be moved ± 2,5mm either vertically or horizontally. Manufacturing such Cronospecial "Multiasse" pedals has been made possible thanks to the use of high technology materials.
NB. Above described pedals are not yet on sale. Their mass- production will start as soon as possible.

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