Fiorelli Bicycles circa 1982
Front and back covers. Back shows component selection per model.
All Florelli handbullt bicycles are extremely stiff, steep, and fast. They have been designed and refined to be the most efficient racing machines available. Over 50 years of experience in the world's most competitive racing theatres assures you of consistent, race proven quality in the entire line of Florelii bicycles.
Biciclette Fiorelli. Major Victories on Fiorelli Bicycles. Fausto Coppi, Ole Ritter, Jean Robic, Brick Shotte, Ferdy Kubler, and Hugo Koblet.
CAMPIONISSIMO model with Campagnolo Super Record.
MILANO SAN REMO SUPER model with Campagnolo, Ofmega, and Modolo mix.
MILANO SAN REMO model with Campagnolo, Modolo, and Nervar mix.
CAMPIONISSIMO TRACK, Milano Track models.
Back inside pages. Pictures of Signore Fiorelli and Ole Ritter.
"Tips on Race Frame Shopping" There are some new arrivals on the bicycle scene that would have you believe that their computer's program, engineer's calculations, and space age materials can beat these problems overnight with technology. The validity of this argument is demonstrated by the Chernoble nuclear plant.
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