Frequently Asked Questions
I would like to buy ***** that I saw on your site. How much is it? Do you have parts for ****? I do not sell anything that you see at the Bicycle Info Project website. Most of the catalogs and literature that you see is over ten years old and most is unavailable. The most sought after product? The Cinelli hairnet helmet. Wish I had bought more when they were being closed out at .99 cents each. As I tell everyone, ebay is your best bet for finding something that you see on the site.
Where did you find all that literature? In my filing cabinet. I'm a pack rat and everything on the site is from my own collection. I try to post the most unique stuff and if I find someone else has a site with the same catalogs, I generally do not post them. However, duplicates do exist. I will also post what others have sent. I prefer to have the original paper copy so that I can scan it myself (and verify that it was not taken from another site). Everything is returned and a thank you with link is posted on the page(s) provided. I'm especially interested in oddball US stuff like Bob Reedy pedal and Weyless.
Are the originals for sale? No, not at this time.
How do you maintain the site? Out of my own pocket. And infrequently. At this point it costs me very little to keep the site up and running so I have no problem in keeping it a 'not for profit', so to speak. However, this may change should pricing change and/or a great offer comes my way.
Can I link to your site? Please do. But I would appreciate that you link to the index page of what you are interested in rather than the specific image file (i.e. .pdf or .jpg) so that folks can find out more about the Bicycle Info Project. You cannot imbed an image file into another page. You will have to link it. And please; do not download any material and host it yourself. I spent a lot of my own time scanning and converting the literature and would at least appreciate the credit. Don't worry about my bandwidth; I've got plenty.
Will you link to my site? Yes, if you provide similar information about bikes or bike parts, I have no problems with a link. However, if your site is commercial and you are selling a product, then the answer is no. Of course, if you really think that your product should be linked to my site, send me a note and we will discuss it further (see above: 'great offer').
What is my bike worth? I have no clue. To the best of my knowledge, there is no "blue book" of value for old bikes. Check ebay and craigslist to see what similar models are going for.
How do I fix *****? I stopped turning a wrench on bikes over ten years ago. Most of my literature is catalogs, but there is some exploded diagrams intermingled with them. Most repairs can be sourced from books like Richard Ballantines 'Bicycle Repair Manual' (ISBN-10: 1564584844). Still stumped? Go ahead and ask, but I am not the be all and end all.
I love/hate your site! I love hearing from others. Most of the time it's 'thanks!'. But if you think something should be done differently or not at all, either send me an email or post to my blog.
Do you have replacement decals? No. Many bicycle painters these days can provide you with a reproduction decal for frame tubing and/or manufacturers. I do not do that. Google will help you find what you need.
What is yet to be put on the site? Right now, only about ten percent of my ephemera is online. I have ten pounds of Suntour literature that needs scanning. I'll get to it. Someday.
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