CLB Brakes Brochures 1989 "CLB GO!" and 'Top' Line
With all the changes taking place at CLB, we felt it to be important that you, our customers were kept informed of our plans and developments. CLB "GO !" brings you news and information from behind the scene, from our technical experts and of course from our professional riders. It also provides a platform for observation and criticism from CLB customers, old and new, retailers and wholesalers, manufacturers and consumers.
Inside. New Ideas. New Range. New Shapes. Beware! The new CLB levers are so good-looking that they will blind you to alternatives! New Language. During our forthcoming issues, we will give you the maximum of technical information. No long (and dull) reams of words but positive and useful things... test results, diagrams, graphs...
Front and back covers of "TOP" LINE brochure. Presentation in an attache-case for the 3 models of brakes.
Descriptions of Space Line, Olympic, and Elite brake sets. Carefully worked out by our technicians, these braking systems have been tested and approved by Professionals. With the unique synchronization device, they can assure security and performance for the top riders.
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