Campagnolo Croce D'Aune gruppo brochure 1988
Front Cover.
Photograph of the entire Croce D'aune group.
Front and Rear Derailleurs.
The "TWIN-AXLE System" of the CROCE D'AUNE derailleur is a new break-through in derailleur technology and is destined to set new standards for competition derailleurs. In races like the Giro d'ltalia and Tour de France where steep mountain roads torture both man and machine it is extremely important for the derailleur to perform flawlessly because one missed shift or slipped chain can be the difference between winning and loosing (sic).
Shifters, Brakes, Brake Levers, Chainwheel, and Bottom Bracket.
One of the many technically innovative components of the CROCE D'AUNE group are the brakes. They feature the "PENTADRIVE System", a new concept in braking developed by Campagnolo. With "PENTA-DRIVE System" the force applied to the brake levers is multiplied to provide greater stopping power at the rim's surface.
The CROCE D'AUNE crankset is the result of a design that combines the most sophisticated hot-forging techniques in the industry with computer designed pedal/ chainwheel/bottom bracket coupling planes to produce one of the stiffest, most durable cranksets available.
Pedals, Toe Clips, and Hubs.
The pedals fitted to the CROCE D'AUNE group use Campagnolo's new "TRIPLE BEARING System", a patented system that allows an anatomical foot support with the ability to corner the bike at an angle 6° greater than is possible with normal pedals.

Headset and Seat Pin (Seat post).
The CROCE D'AUNE headset also uses the new SELFORM system which protects the bearing races against pitting and irregular wear thanks to a dampening element placed between the cup and the race itself.
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