Batavus Catalog/Brochure Circa early to mid 70's
Cover and Tour de l'Europe model.
Monte Carlo and Champion models.
Professional, Mixte Racer, and Mixte Tourist models.
Voyager and Passan Twin (folding bike) models.
Founded in 1904, BATAVUS is now the largest and most modern bicycle/moped manufacturer in Holland , the traditional home of cyclists. Advanced designs and high quality standards give BATAVUS products a high degree of appreciation amongst the experienced Dutch bicycle and moped riders.
Over 300,000 bicycles and mopeds are produced annually in the impressive 271,000 square foot BATAVUS factory by about 650 dedicated people. BATAVUS has acquired a world-wide reputation for its high quality enameling and chromium-plating. That is why your bike will look like new-even after years-and that only with a minimum of maintenance.
BATAVUS multi-speed-bicycles have been designed according to the specifications of genuine professional racing-bicycles.
BATAVUS has built racing bicycles for many European top-professionals. Your bicycle embodies all the technical know-how, acquired in many famous races like the Tour de France, Giro d’ltalia and Vuelta d’España.
We are sure, that you will be glad you chose BATAVUS, now and after thousands of miles of happy riding.
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