Welcome (back) to my photographs from the Philadelphia International Championship held on Sunday, June 11, 2006 (formerly known as the USPro Championship). We almost didn't have it this year, but a last minute contribution from Governor Ed Rendell (aka "Fast Eddie") and the late addition of Commerce Bank as corporate sponsor means at least another three years of great racing. I am most thankful to both the governor and Commerce Bank for their help in keeping this great race going.
The race has been held for 22 years now and I've shot most of them. You can see images from previous years here. For the techno types, this years images were shot with a Canon 5D and 10D and many are flash fill. I won't bore you with the amount of stuff that I bring; let me just say it fills my daughter's trailer and weighs a considerable amount more than she does.
If you want to save any of the shots as a screensaver, be my guest. However, if you wish you use any in a commercial venture, ad, brochure, web page, etc., please contact me so that we can make arrangements. Please.