Motobecane Catalog 1979
Catalog courtesy of David Edwards . . . proud owner of a 1979 Grand Jubile
Front cover.
MOTOBECANE — The Number One Choice
Take the time to compare the quality bicycles currently on the market, feature by feature and you will reach the conclusion: MOTOBECANE is the number one choice. Behind our success story lie decades of commitment to using the best technology available and applying expert workmanship to all our models. Our reputation is based on advanced designs which successfully integrate the best components available, great attention to details, and an unsurpassed quality of finishing. Our complete line features performance, safety, durability and comfort. Through the years, cycling has evolved to a level where one or two models no longer satisfy the diverse needs and riding techniques of american cyclists. In order to cover competition, long-range touring, commuting, training and recreational riding, MOTOBECANE has designed its line along three general categories: Touring, Sport and Racing. With your safety in mind, MOTOBECANE has commissioned UTAC, an independent testing laboratory, to verify that all our models satisfy the CPSC. Furthermore, your authorized MOTOBECANE dealer will professionally assemble and align your bicycle to insure that it delivers the top performance, safety and comfort it has been designed for. Our dealers will take time to explain to you the criteria for selecting the appropriate bicycle for your own particular needs and after you look over this catalog, we are confident that you will reach your own conclusion: MOTOBECANE is indeed the Number One Choice.
Specifications for Nomade, Nomade Sprint, Mirage, Super Mirage, and Grand Touring.
Specifications for Grand Jubile, Inter Club, Grand Sprint, Grand Record, Le Champion, and Team Champion
Photos of young women on Motobecane bicycles.
Back Cover. Warranty info.
Utilizing preeminent components and decades of technology, MOTOBECANE presents the 1979 10 speed bicycle line. Some Touring, Sport, and Racing models are equipped uuith six speed freewheels. Longer chain stays, 438 mm instead of 419 mm, are essential for a true touring bicycle. Pirelli VI 78 tires, lightweight uuith Iow rolling resistance are standard on several models. The Shimano 600, including the new rear derailleur with hatchplate for easy removal of the chain is offered on the Grand Record. All MOT0BECANE bicycle frames are coated with a plastic metalized paint for protection against chipping and corrosion.
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